Highest Quality Chlorella

At the Chlorella Company, we strive to bring our customers the highest quality ingredients to ensure optimal health!


Experience better complexion, improved digestion, and increased energy.


Boosts immune system, contains antioxidant properties, and promotes optimal blood pressure.


Patented Indoor Fermentation Technology that is cleaner and more bioavailable than Chlorella grown outdoors


Fermented Chlorella

We at The Chlorella Company recognize that dietary supplements have the power to promote healthy lifestyles. Therefore, we pride ourselves in giving our customers the highest quality dietary supplements. Our Chlorella is grown in a controlled environment, giving us greater control over the quality of our products. When you see The Chlorella Company brand, you can rest easy knowing that that you are receiving the best of the best.”

Our Products

Chlorella & Spirulina
Fermented Chlorella Tablets
Fermented Chlorella Powder

Health Benefits

Benefits of this Superfood

Chlorella is touted as one of the most powerful all natural foods you can take to support your nutritional needs. There are countless benefits to taking Chlorella: It aids in detox, it supports your immune system, and it contains a plethora of vital vitamins and minerals.

What our Customers are Saying...

"This is an excellent Chlorella/Spirulina supplement that is loaded with protein; each tablet is 250mg. You have to take 12 to get the advertised content, but the tablets are very small, so it isn't too difficult and there is no flavor or aftertaste."
"These little pills are tiny and pack a punch of beneficial ingredients! I don't take them orally as I LOATHE taking pills, but rather add a few to my morning smoothie. They crush up super easily in my Vitamix and I have never had an issue with chunks of them. When you take them out of the package, you do get a bit of green powder on your hands, but not a big deal, I am just super aware of it when I am already dressed for work!"
"I'm very happy with the purity of this product. It tastes great compared to some of the other brands I've tried. I like the tablets better than the powder as they are easy to chew without having to dissolve in water. I'm using them as part of my protocol for keeping my blood alkalized. When I get hungry between meals I simply chew on some tablets and that takes the edge off."