Fermented Chlorella Powder

Healthy Green Detox

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Chlorella is a single-celled green algae that contains a plethora of natural occurring nutrients (chlorophyll, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.). As a result, it is widely used as a dietary supplement and for detoxification. Our Chlorella is produced using a patented manufacturing technology that produces the cleanest chlorella on the planet, free from contaminants, pollutants, and heavy metals.

Fermented Chlorella Powder Benefits

Nature’s nutrient-saturated superfood.


Patented manufacturing technology. Our Chlorella is grown strictly in controlled aseptic environment. Our proprietary pure tank cultivation requires no pesticides or herbicides & produces Chlorella with the highest purity.

All Natural

Gluten-free, Naturally derived, Allergen free, Vegan, and NON-GMO.

Health Benefits

Aids in Detox and Digestion while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Taste Profile

High testimonials on our taste profile compared to competitors Chlorella.



Important Info:

  • Complete Protein – Provides the body with Nine Essential Amino Acids
  • Contains all the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and major minerals.
  • Rich source of Chlorophyll which provides alkalinity to balance acidic diets.”