The Chlorella Company

About Us

The Chlorella Company has been in the nutraceutical and natural products industry for over twenty years. When nutritional products exploded into popularity, we witnessed lower quality products being sold at higher margins, which made us feel very unsatisfied with the standard of quality in the industry. We decided to enter the retail game to offer consumers first-rate supplements at affordable prices.

We specialize in Chlorella & Spirulina lifestyle supplements - supplements that complement and support a healthy lifestyle. Our supplements will detoxify, nourish, and lift you on a daily basis.
Chlorella JuiceGirl eating healthy snack

Our mission

Our Vision

Here at the Chlorella Company, our wish is to see a healthier world by popularizing powerful nutritional supplements. Our vision is a world in which health is made easily attainable and accessible to all through the products we supply.

The Chlorella Company team is dedicated to providing the best dietary supplements that make it easy to maintain a healthy lifestyle. With over 20 years of experience in the nutraceutical and natural products industry, we are confident in our high-quality ingredients that we provide to customers.