Fermented Chlorella Tablets

Healthy Green Detox

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Chlorella is a single-celled green algae that contains a plethora of natural occurring nutrients (chlorophyll, protein, minerals, vitamins, etc.). As a result, it is widely used as a dietary supplement and for detoxification. Our Chlorella is produced using a patented manufacturing technology that produces the cleanest chlorella on the planet, free from contaminants, pollutants, and heavy metals.

Fermented Chlorella Tablet Benefits

Nature’s nutrient-saturated superfood.


Our Chlorella is grown strictly in a controlled aseptic environment resulting in a product with 85% bioavailability. Our proprietary pure tank cultivation requires no pesticides or herbicides which allows us to produce Chlorella with the highest purity.

All Natural

Pure tank cultivation method ensures consistent product, unaffected by outdoor conditions.

Health Benefits

Aids in Detox and Digestion while promoting a healthy lifestyle.

Taste Profile

Best tasting profile according to customers.


Chlorella Facts:

  • Complete Protein – Provides the body with Nine Essential Amino Acids.
  • Contains all the B Vitamins, Vitamin C, Vitamin E, and major minerals.
  • Rich source of Chlorophyll which provides alkalinity to balance acidic diets.”